Heraklion is the capital of crete, with 150000 population and it is located at the centre of the northen coast of the island. the airport in Heraklion is called "N. Kazantzakis", which is the second largest in Greece and the first in charter flights. Heraklion is well known for its mild weather, the intensive night life (restaurants, tavernas, clubs, cafe'-bars etc.), and also for its shops. It is a city with rich historical monuments since the medieval times such as the fortress of koules at the port side,the venetian LOGGIA in the centre, which was the Duke's club and now accommodates the city hall, archaeological museum of crete were thousands of tourists can marvel the precious tresures of the minoan civilization, the historical museum which presents exhibits from the christians- byzantium times and artwork of the famous painter EL GRECO. You may also visit the monastery of st. Aikaterini, which was the first university of venetian times. Few metres ahead stands imposing the cathedral of patron st. Minas with the great architect significant and with icons of high religious value.


The palace of knossos is 3 kms away from the city and was the residence of the wise king Minoa. Exciting legends of labyrinth between Minotaur, Ikaros and Daedalos are doubtlessly connected with the palace of knossos.


Malia was an importaint town with a palace dating from 1900-1700 bc as big as Knossos and Faistos but less impresive and more simple.









The neighboring settlement and burial grounds have produced some of the  famous archaeological findings on crete such as the golden bee of malia. 






Malia is an ideal place for family vacation and also for those who enjoy the intersive nightlife. Malia is divided in two areas :the old town with the narrow roads the white coloured churches, the picturesque local tavernas and the beach road which is called "the downtown of entertainment" a road of 2 km lenght full of bars, clubs and shops that stay open all night long . It is also known for its sandy beaches that exstend from stalis till the palace of Malia


THE NATIVE LAND OF GODS Lasithi plateau is considered a land blessed by nature . Above 800 meters height at the east part of the island is located the holy mountain of "dikteon andron" . Lasithi plateau is composed from 16 villages and the most popular are Psychro which according to mythology is the native land of Zeus, the king of the gods and the village of ST.George with the folkloric museum and the museum of Eleutherios Venizelos the most popular politician of Greece . The place is ideal for climbing, walking, mountain biking and suitable for those who love nature and history.

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